a new west revenge tale.

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Either you’ve never heard of Springville, Utah or you’ve never left.

A piece of land where religion meets rebellion, hope meets havoc and on a single street two houses watch each other. The prologue tale of a wounded shut-in and a troubled outcast and their attempt to free themselves from the ghosts and savage history that has kept them bound as inmates in their own hell. Chained by heartbreak and loss, they observe each other, desperate to shatter the glass, break the cage and roam among the wild.


“The people of our Springville are all based on the very people of that land. Actual beating hearts. The gas station attendant, the Mormon bishop, the meth addict, the caffiene addled foster mom – all live within a two mile radius in that town. And I wanted to breathe it all. So, I packed up my car, cut the chord of convenience and comfort and moved to the mountainous landscape to write with my boots in the story’s soil. With the hope of achieving pure authenticity, something immediately palpable.

It’s not a typical story, it breaks every conventional rule and that’s the good news. It’s a dark and brutal depiction of the polar opposites of small town America. The straight-laced and the roughnecks. Their differences, their likenesses. And is specifically a love song to the land of Utah and a hidden town off the beaten track. We built this endeavour on a pledge to be uncompromising and it’s unique in that it follows a strict adherence to do away with tropes or formulas.

To hold a magnifying glass up to the two sides of the tracks for a deeper view of how these characters allow / suppress their natural animal instincts. My hope is that it’s a story that paints a different picture of both ends of the spectrum and breeds empathy and hope even in the most dire of circumstances… when all hope is lost. At it’s core it’s about one man and his desperate attempt to shake off the bindings.”

– Whit Hertford, screenwriter


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