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DREAMWORLD_MAIN POSTERSneak Attack’s debut feature, the coming of age romance Dreamworld, centers around fledgling animator, Oliver Hayes, and the captivating and impulsive new love in his life, Lily Blush – and their journey from Los Angeles to Northern California to fulfill his fantasy of working for Pixar Animation Studio. It stars Hertford (co-writer, producer, Raising Hope, Glee, Jurassic Park)  and Sneak Attack faithfuls, Matt Jones (Breaking Bad, Mama), Nora Kirkpatrick (The Office; member of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes), stand-up Johnny Pemberton (The New Girl, In the Loop, It’s Always Sunny…), as well as Matt Bush (Adventureland), Nick Thune (Burning Love), Allan McLeodLauren Lapkus (Orange is the New Black) and features a break-through performance by the whimsical Mary Kate Wiles (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Squaresville).

“…Using deftly improvised dialogue, ‘Dreamworld’ features an intimate view of the painful distinctions to be made between dreams and reality.” – Ashland Independent Film Festival

 “The performances were great – An amazing ensemble cast gives the script the right balance of dreaminess and weight.
…Hertford has a great face for wounded sincerity …
…Wiles turns a stereotype into an archetype ….
….manages to bring losers of epic proportion together and make us want them to triumph through all that they do to each other and themselves.”  – Florida Film Festival

“Hertford and Wiles are charming and the chemistry radiates on screen”  – Newport Beach Film Festival.

81Xgn-JU2oL._SL1500_The Blu-Ray content includes: commentary track by director / cinematographer Ryan Darst & screenwriter / producer Whit Hertford;  an entire zero chapter Tumblr dedicated to the backstory / pre-meeting posts of Oliver + Lily; set photos + artwork and the obligatory outakes reel (which features actor Allan McLeod’s omitted masterclass of improvisational gems). Additionally, three of Sneak Attack’s previous short films, entitled “The Roguemances” are included.

The film’s fantastic soundtrack composed by Pleasant Pictures can be downloaded on iTunes.

Currently Sneak Attack completed their next two short films: Midway, a fantasy that explores the claustrophobic and disorienting nature of being lost in the afterlife and stars esteemed comedian Brian Huskey (Children’s Hospital) in a remarkabe dramatic turn; and The Caper Kind // Swiss Mistake, a bizarre heist adventure that follows a lo-fi band of do-gooders. The ensemble features HertfordJon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) , SNL’s Kyle Mooney, KirkpatrickPemberton, Brandon Quinn & Arden Myrin.

Later this year they will begin principal photography on their follow-up feature, Wildlife, a revenge drama about brothers, lovers, & outcasts in American Fork, Utah. Jon Heder, David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight,  Prisoners), Catherine Leavy (Rose & Sophia) and Joe Hursley are attached to co-star.


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