midway saul bass - posterdirected by Ryan Darst | written by Whit Hertford & Robert J. Gibbs

music by Pleasant Pictures | photography by Chris Duce | sound by William White.

producer Meredith Marshall | executive producer Jeff Marshall

a fantasy.

Norman Reed lost the one thing that gave his life meaning, so he
killed himself. When the next world turns out to be just as confusing
as this one, Norman has to figure out what his life means now that
he’s dead..

Midway pool poster

Norman Otis Ernie_Bernie Dancer


Norman Reed // Brian Huskey

Otis Alabaster // Whit Hertford

Pearl // Lennon Parham

Ernie // Jon Heder

Bernie // Betsy Sodaro

Jane // Robyn Cohen

Dancer // Brighton Hertford

Priest // DeMorge Brown

Violet // Karen McCain

Geoffrey // Chad Jamian Williams

Dr. Aorta // Leon Morenzie


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