the caper kind swiss saul bass - posterdirected by Ryan Darst | written by Whit Hertford & Robert J. Gibbs

music by Pleasant Pictures | director of photography Chris Duce & Dusty Hulet | sound by William White & Jeremy Warner

executive producers | Jeff Marshall & Derek Wright

a heistical humourventure.

PART ONE: “Swiss Mistake”
an earnest but delusional band of “do-gooders” travel to Switzerland to retrieve the secret Guttenhagen chocolate recipe from a sinister mastermind.

//     S   I   T   E     //



Rascal // Whit Hertford

Honest Abe // Jon Heder

Karma Chameleon // Nora Kirkpatrick

Babyface // Johnny Pemberton

Cool Water // Brandon Quinn

Lookey Lou // Kyle Mooney

Pancakes // Robert J. Gibbs


Rathbone // Brian Huskey

Cooper // Arden Myrin

Hans Gutenhagen // Fred Tatasciore

Dieter Gutenhagen // Joel Stanley Huff

Chef // Jason Purdie

Twinkle Toes // Brighton Hertford

Concierge // Jaclyn Hales

swiss snowmobiles b&w
swiss snowmobiles


2 thoughts on “THE CAPER KIND

  1. so yeah whens it coming out and all?

    Posted by mfeher3 | May 16, 2013, 3:13 am


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