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Sneak Attack’s goal is to create honest images that explore the various shades & paths of the human experience.

…Inspired by and drawn from the styles of the French New Wave period / cinema verite genre which combines naturalistic visual techniques with stylized cinematic devices in cinematography and editing.

…The embracing of improvisation principles in both performance and execution to allow for genuine moments that sharpen focus & relatability.

American New Wave films adhere to the fusing together of a miscreant attitude and the desire to boldy depict the beating heart in an effort to unify story and audience.

actor / screenwriter, Whit Hertford & director / cinematographer Ryan Darst

actor / screenwriter, Whit Hertford & director / cinematographer Ryan Darst


After decades as a veteran character actor, Whit Hertford (Raising Hope, Glee, Jurassic Park) together alongside director Ryan Darst formed the incredibly-independent American New Wave film entity known as Sneak Attack in 2010. As though they were shot out of a cannon, the duo quickly established their voice and imprinted their vision as trailblazing cinematic revolutionaries.

Known for their rebellious philosophies, as well as trademark use of improvised dialogue, deft veritae-inspired visuals and precisely assembled ensembles, Hertford & Darst have won over audiences around the country as well as in Europe and have cemented their reputation as prolific craftsmen and storytellers.


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